Wednesday, 10/7
October 6, 2015
Thursday, 10/8
October 7, 2015

Focus 1: T2B and Kipping T2B
Focus 2: Jump Rope and Double Unders
Workout: Jump Rope, Hanging Knee Raise & Ball Slams


After highlighting the king of strength lifts last week, this week’s Base Camp turning to two skill movements that not only show up with extreme regularity in CrossFit DC’s programming, but also have a tendency to frustrate a great many people: Toes-to-Bar (T2B) and Double Unders (DU).

We will split the class between the two movements, devoting time to the following points for each:

  • Kipping review, including coverage of the Hollow and Arch positions;
  • Fundamental requirements for toes-to-bar (such as proper back engagement, and body position), and how to apply kipping to the movement (starting with the kipping knee raise); and,
  • Jump Rope selection and form for single skips;
  • Finding a beat for double unders, and methods for working towards mastering the movement; and, as always,
  • How to scale all of the days movements for various class workouts, and when to choose to appropriate scaling/substitution option.

To review before class, we highly recommend checking out the following descriptions and demonstrations on both movements (Toes-to-Bar pages courtesy of GymnasticsWOD; Double Under page courtesy of

Toes to Bar
Toes to Bar with Kip
Double Unders – Everything You Need to Know

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