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Smackdown Registration Announcement
October 8, 2015
Smackdown Registration!
October 9, 2015

Did someone say Smackdown Registration?!
Check out the announcement, and finalize those details with your team!


3 rounds of
2 Wall Walks
4 Plank to Squat
6 Spider Lunge w/ reach up
2 Rolling Split Straddles
4 Hip Bridges
6 Dead Bugs/side

6 Rounds of
1 min Max HSPU*;
1 min Static Hold**;
1 Min Rest

* HSPU Options:
Rx: Plate + Ab Mat (neutral)
Scaled: Single Ab Mat, Pike Position on Box (toes /OR/ knees), Close Grip Push-up

**Static Hold: Alternate between Plank hold and DB/KB Farmers hold. Accumulate as much time in good position as possible within minute. If 1 minute Plank is easy, extend distance between elbows and toes while maintaining hollow position.

3 Rounds, NFT, of
8-10 Half Kneeling DB press/side
15 Tube Face Pulls
20 Band Tricep Press-downs

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