Ask the Coach: 7 Tips for Your First CrossFit Competition

Friday, 10/16
October 15, 2015
Open Gym, 10/17 to 10/23
October 16, 2015

Mid-Atlantic Hopper, Oct 2013.

With some of our members all set to tackle their first-ever CrossFit competition at this weekend’s Metro Games, and many more gearing up for their first come next weekend’s CrossFit DC Smackdown, you betcha we’ve been bitten by the competition bug!  It seems only fitting, then, that we continue the theme in this latest entry of “Ask the Coach.”


Hey CFDC coaches!  Got any advice on how to approach your first CrossFit competition?


Almost as much fun as dreaming up finishers. DC’s Most Primal, Feb 2011.

Coach Steve:

  • Use the competition as a “progression tool.”
  • Doesn’t matter if you win or where you place — just see where you are, training/fitness/competition -wise; and where you want to be!
  • But the number 1 for me, no matter what: just have fun!



Coach Jon:

  • I only have two pieces of advice. Fluffanutter and chocolate milk. Put all those Paleo CrossFitters in their place. Simple sugar for energy. Complex proteins for recovery. Instant gainz.
  • But in all seriousness, have fun. Prepare for things to not go as planned, and work from there. I know it will get frustrating at times, but let’s face it, this isn’t your day job! Competing in the competition to begin with is the true win.
  • (And I am serious about that fluff and chocolate milk. It’s legit.)

How to preworkout for s’more gainz.  Beast of the East, Oct 2012.


Pretty good warm-up. Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge, April 2012.


Coach Tom:

  • Two other points I’d emphasize on top of having fun:
  • Don’t wait until you feel ready — get the first time under your belt; you’ll learn more from competing than for getting ready for it.
  • Get a good sweat going in the warm-up.  Go into an event hot!  Don’t worry about saving energy, the best way to calm the nerves is to work.



Coach Mark:

  • Yes, have fun! I think too much anxiety can sap your energy and distract from a good performance.
Marc, bp_IMG7589

Having so much fun.  CrossFit Games Open 14.5, April 2014.


CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Sectionals, March 2010 B.N. (Before Nanos.)

Coach Sara:

  • Best advice I can give is first and foremost have fun, but here are some other little things:
  • Try not to go out to fast during a workout.  Make sure to pace through it!
  • Be sure you complete each rep as described by the standards, especially the last rep or last rep before a quick break.
  • Don’t walk away from the bar, dumbbell, kettlebell or pull-up bar when you break.



Coach Steph:

  • Bring enough snacks, food, and drinks, but don’t eat stuff you usually wouldn’t eat before a CrossFit workout.
  • Also, be prepared for long periods of downtime between events as most competitions will run behind schedule [editor’s note: that is, unless we’re talking about a CrossFit DC competition!], so bring whatever you need to help you relax between events, be it music and headphones, a book, a blanket, etc.
  • Lastly, eat a huge cheat meal to reward yourself afterwards!

How many more reps until my cheat meal?  CFDC Smackdown, March 2012.


Too close for missiles, switching to guns. CFDC Smackdown, Oct 2014.

Coach Jessi:

  • Good team name and costumes — I mean uniforms — are critical.  Studies show they exponentially improve performance.


We’re now just over one week away from the 2015 Smackdown — hope you’re getting as excited as we are!  

Got any competition tips and tricks to share?  Or, got any lingering questions?  Chime in right here in the comments section!

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