Ask the Coach: Mobilize Like a Gangster

Tuesday, 10/20
October 19, 2015
Wednesday, 10/21
October 20, 2015

By Coach Mike


You too can be this awesome! With a little more mobility work, that is…

Q: Hey CFDC Coaches!  Any suggestions about how to mobilize before workouts?  Say, before class, before a competition event, before an all-day Smackdown…?

3 things to keep in mind when you’re warming up:

1. When on a lacrosse ball, roller, etc, make sure you are facing towards people so you can see them. Gangsters sit in the back corner of restaurants, so they can see everyone coming from all angles. Do the same. Don’t let someone fall on you while you’re on a lacrosse ball and he’s carrying kettlebells.

Also, make sure you are awake and not just napping on the foam roller.

2. Don’t over “mobilize.” Some muscular tension is good. Focus on a simple warm-up of taking all your big joints in circles (wrists, shoulders, neck, hips at torso and femur, knees, and ankles). Don’t neglect your foot arches if things like jumping and double-unders are in play. Alternate marching on tennis balls for that.

Yes, we said foot arches.  

3. When working with mobility tools, work broad (roller) to targeted (ball) and soft to hard. Compressible is preferable to solid, but be careful when crossing a joint. Nothing goes across the knees or elbows (smaller than a Volkswagen).

If in doubt, just ask a coach! Your CFDC instructors are more than happy to assist with your mobility needs. 


Looking for some more guidance with your mobility needs?  Just want someone to tell you exactly what to do, when, and how?  Well, you’re in luck.  We’ve got the solution for you: mobility class!  Our new weekly mobility sessions with Dr. Kate W. launches this Thursday, Oct 22, at 14th Street.  For more details, click over to yesterday’s blog announcement!  

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