2015 Smackdown Workouts

Base Camp, 10/24/15 – CANCELLED
October 21, 2015
Friday, 10/23
October 22, 2015

Alternate Blog Post Title: “A cunning compilation of the crafty clues we concocted to conceal our concentrations on creating a completely cunning contest.”


wait for it, wait for it…

In other words, clear, unadulterated click-bait. Come-on, workouts are released tomorrow – you didn’t really think we were going to give up our secrets ahead of schedule, did you? However, there might be a few more hints in the titles of the workouts, so perhaps it was worth the visit.


SmackdownDreamingWorkout #1: “S.O.L” (you don’t know s&#@+, do you?!)
– full team (4 people)
– hint posted on Instagram, 10/19:


It’s not that we’re lazy, and your questions definitely aren’t irrelevant, we just don’t think it’s that big a deal to reach back for a little inspiration. The answer’s right in front of you. Or is our first clue already over your head?


Workout #2: “Get a Grip” (Geez, don’t furrough your brow or throw a tantrum, just keep reading, it’ll grow on you)

– full team (4 people)
– hint posted on Twitter, 10/20:

Careful when asking about Smackdown workouts. To paraphrase Mr. Hemingway, “do not ask for whom the bell towels, it towels for thee.”



Workout #3: “Give and Take” (we sense you’re not impressed, but push on, we’re not jerking you around)

– 1 guy & 1 girl
– hint posted on Facebook, 10/20

A Smackdown Haiku:

making partners share
means one takes before giving,
one gives what they took



Workout #4: “One or Two” (come on, you can do this! none of you are dumb!)
– 1 guy & 1 girl
– hint posted on Instagram, 10/21


For reference & comparison, Mr. Sandberg’s original: Choose

Feel free to post guess into the comments section below – who knows, get close enough, and your team might just find itself starting with a few extra points before the competition begins.


hopefully you’re not missiling the point of all this “help”

Full workouts will be posted on the blog tomorrow night by 7:30pm, just like a regular Workout-of-the-Day post. Until then, happy hypothesizing!

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  1. Mia says:

    Workout 3: partners doing max reps of push press and jerks? partners have to match what the other did?
    Workout 4: blahblahblah….KB swings?

  2. Julia says:

    Okeydoke, Katie is by far the best at guessing, but doing my best to channel her speculative powers since she can’t make it this year. Anything for Inchworm points!!!

    Back squats, front squats, overhead squats, and… shavasana?

    Towel pullups, farmer’s carries, Pendlay throws (cuz they feel like tantrums?), grow-rilla burpees?

    Clenched fist, steady hands held close, one, two… we declare a thumb war?! Um, weighted partner thumb war? While… er… trying to steal dumbbells from other partners?

    And now my brain hurts. Katie, how do you do this??

    • Chris Sheppard says:

      Well, I dare say your former Inchworm be proud of your effort. There’s some decent guesses in there, though not too much to crow about. However, what if we throw you a bone and narrow things down before you get too rowdy about the second workout? If so, better hurry, it’s getting crowded in here!

      • Katie says:

        Good guesses, Julia! Hmm….bird-dog push-ups? Crow + bone? It would make sense because I think the coaches enjoy watching everyone fall over while attempting those.

        Also, I would really like to see a demo of a grow-rillla burpee.