The Base Camp Experience: James M. and the Perfect Transition from Elements to regular class

Base Camp, 10/31/2015
October 28, 2015
Friday, 10/30
October 29, 2015

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OK, hands in the air if you remember school orientation? Yes, yes, for some of us it was much more long ago than for others, but see if you can at least remember this: the feel of orientation was a far cry from the feel of the first day of classes. Maybe you knew your way around, and maybe you now knew a *few* people, but for the most part, it was two very different experiences that just happened to be at the same place.

This is exactly what we DON’T want new members to feel like when moving from Elements into our regular daily CrossFit classes. Ergo, CrossFit DC introduced Base Camp! The link provided will take you to our original introduction and explanation of Base Camp, detailing why we were using it as a bridge between Elements and regular classes.


However, to really understand what Base Camp can mean, and provide, to a new CrossFitter, we’ll let James M., who regularly attends classes at H St, tell you in his own words just how valuable Base Camp can be to a wide-eyed Elements grad.

“When I began with CrossFit DC, I had zero prior experience with CrossFit. I have now been at a Proven membership-level just over 7 months and credit my time spent going to the Base Camp classes that were offered as a major factor in my decision to continue coming to CrossFit. I felt the Elements introduction was great, but not everything can be covered, and once you jump into the classes following elements, it can be intimidating – not knowing if you are doing the exercises correctly, or using an appropriate weight. I found myself trying to “keep up” with the class and workout rather than correctly learning the movements and using an appropriate weight.

“The Base Camp class provided the perfect transition from Elements to the everyday workouts. The training I got was in a smaller class which provided the necessary help I needed on getting form right and using an appropriate weight. The result was that in the regular group classes I was more confident in performing the exercises and so enjoyed the classes much more.

“As a working professional with a kid, I try to make it a goal to go to 4 classes a week, and I make one of those classes the Base Camp class, to continue to work on form and weight in a more intimate setting than the group classes. It is my opinion that anyone new to CrossFit DC should use the Base Camp as a tool to enhance their group class experience after Elements.

  • James M. 


Interest piqued?  Click over to our latest Base Camp preview to get the scoop on what’s on tap for this week!  Base Camp runs every Saturday, 11:30am at H Street and 1pm at 14th Street.

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