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November 24, 2015
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November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!


Once again, the masterminds at CrossFit DC finds themselves ready and willing to deliver yet another epic Thanksgiving Day beat down for your holiday enjoyment.

CFDC’S Fifth Annual Thanksgiving Day
Hero & a Girl” Workout
9:30am, Thursday November 26th

Whether you’re looking to earn your feast for the day, or simply escape from family for a bit, we’ve got you covered. As is tradition, the Thanksgiving Day workout will combine one Hero workout with one Girl workout.

Now, of course, if we came clean this early with exactly which Hero and Girl workouts we’d chosen, a number of you might inexplicably develop an earlier dinner time. As such, the final workout details will only be revealed upon arrival at the gym. However, we can tell you all that it’s a partner workout, so you won’t be alone in your suffe…celebrating.

We’re planning on running the class according to a weekend schedule (read: 90minutes long), and there’ll be plenty of scaling options to suit everyone. So bring an appetite for destruction so you can work up an appetite for digestion!


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2015 Thanksgiving Hero & a Girl: “Diane” + “Daniel”






3 rounds of
8 Spider Lunge w/ Reach Up
10 Hip Bridge
8 X-Body Spider Lunge
10 Squat
8 Alt T Push-Up
10 Band Good Morning
8 Hang Scap Retraction
10 Standing Calf Raises

1 x 10 RDL + 2 Wall Walks; then,
2-3 x 5 DL + 1 Wall Walk (working up to met-con weight)


“Diane” = 21-15-9 of Deadlift and HSPU

  • Total reps per pair, divided as desired
  • 1 person working at a time, pair/group working to finish all reps of an exercise before moving on
  • Scaling & Wt Options:
    • DL = M @ 225/185/135; W @ 163/133/93 (Only one bar weight per pair/group)
    • HSPU = Plates + AbMat / 1 AbMat only / 2 AbMats (no kipping) / Feet or Knees on Box / Close Grip Push-Ups / Regular Push-Ups (Two HSPU options per pair/group if necessary)

“Daniel” = 50 Pull-Ups, 400m Run, 21 Thrusters (95/65), 800m Run,
21 Thruster, 400m Run, 50 Pull-ups

  • Total reps per person
  • 1 person working at a time, with pair/group trading off as many times as desired until each person has completed all reps
  • Pair/Group runs together (must leave on run together, may only start next movement when everyone is done with run)
  • Scaling & Wt Options:
    • Pull-Ups: Kipping / Strict & Band Assisted (no kipping with bands) / Ring Rows
    • Thrusters: M @ 95/65; W @ 63/45

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