Ask the Coach: Approaching Big Lifts

Thursday, 12/10
December 9, 2015
Friday, 12/11
December 10, 2015

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As we head into Saturday’s CF-DC-W Lifting Ladder, it seemed only fitting that we revisit some weightlifting pearls of wisdom from recent American Open competitor Coach Leah.

Read on below for some timely insights from one of our resident Olympic weightlifting experts… then if you haven’t already done so, click over to our Eventbrite page to learn more about Saturday’s event, and sign up to participate!  Whether you’ve been lifting for years, or you’re just starting to get acquainted with the barbell, all levels are more than welcome.  We’re looking forward to one heckuva welcome-home party for Coach Jon and Coach Leah!


Three Things to Keep in Mind When Approaching Big Lifts (Repost)

By Coach Leah

1.  Pick only one

When it’s go time, pick the ONE cue that helps your lift improve the most to tell yourself right before the bar leaves the ground. If you don’t know what that cue should be, ask a coach to look at a few of your warm-up lift.

2.  Apply your training

Remember that time when your CrossFit DC coach made you do 25 reps of boring jerk dip with a PVC pipe when you were itching to put some weight on the bar? Now is the time to apply what you’ve drilled at lighter weights to the real deal, so don’t just close your eyes and pull as hard as you can… use the movements you’ve been taught.

3.  Show that barbell who’s boss

The difference between, “Oh, I’ll give this a go and maybe I can get it up there,” and, “This damn barbell is going over my head and staying there” is vast. Olympic weightlifting is all about mental discipline, so don’t defeat yourself before you start.

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