Sunday, 12/20
December 19, 2015
Tuesday, 12/22
December 21, 2015


3 Rounds of
6 Dolphin Push-ups
12 Alt Dead Bugs
6 Alt T Push-ups
12 Band Pull-aparts

1 Minute OH Band Stretch/Side

6 Rounds, 1 Minute at Each Station (24 Minutes) of:

A) Max HSPU*
B) Max Alt DB Snatch
C) Max Double Unders**
D) Rest

*HSPU Options:
Rx = Hands on 25 Lb plates, head to Ab Mat, strict or kipping
Scaled = Single Ab Mat (no plates), strict or kipping
Pike position, toes on box
Pike position, knees on box
Regular push-up
Push-up with hands on box or bar

**Double Unders:
– scale = 10 Jump Squats plus Max Single Skips

Accessory (10 mins)
Accumulate 50 Dips (Ring/Bar/Box) in as few sets as possible, follow each set of dips with a set of the following, alternating between exercises:
A) 2x reps of Supinated Band Pull-aparts
B) 4x reps of Flutter Kicks

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