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December 21, 2015
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December 22, 2015

By CFDCer Andi H.

Whether you’re hitting the road for the holidays or anticipating lots of frequent flier miles in the new year, there’s no doubt that travel can present all sorts of challenges to staying healthy and staying fit.  But as our very own Andi H. shares below, getting in your workouts even while away from home doesn’t have to be impossible!

One source of motivation?  The CFDC community, Andi says — that is, just belonging to a tribe of “such strong humans,” even when the miles between grow long.  “We have such an incredible community that has made me stronger person and frankly changed my life.”

Andi, closeup_IMG6356

A rare between-travel Andi sighting at CFDC!

Apparently dropping into a whopping total of 42 boxes this year, and adding my 43rd tonight, makes me qualified enough to suggest a few tips to you all.  Below you’ll see an overview of my tried-and-true approach to forcing my reluctant love of travel to mesh with my love of CrossFit.

  1. Plan ahead.

This may seem like a simple concept but typically it’s easier said than done!


But first, T2Bs.  Soaking in fitness AND island life at CrossFit Kailua.

  • Hotel location: sometimes staying in a large city can make it tricky to make it to classes at a good time due to traffic and commute delays. I’ve found it helpful to stay either near the airport or the gym that I want to go to in order to not spend the limited time that you have driving.
  • Flight times: should you fly in the night before or is Coach Tom programming a girl WOD that you just can’t afford to miss?  (Jackie, anyone?)
  • Blocking out the time for working out is arguably the hardest part of having a transient schedule. Whether you’re traveling home for the holiday, hitting the road for a client presentation, or even juggling a crazy work schedule while still in DC, commit ahead of time to getting it done!


2. Find the gym that’s right for you.

As we know, not all gyms are created equal!  A little research ahead of time can go a long way.


Dropping in at South Charlotte CrossFit with coworker and fellow CFDCer Mike D.

  • Check their programming
  • Read the coach bios: what are their certifications? How long have they been involved in the community and within fitness in general?
  • Schedule: do they offer enough times?
  • Are they cash only?


3. Be creative!

What if you can’t get to a CrossFit gym — or any gym at all?  Not to worry, there are still plenty of ways to get your sweat on — indoors and out!


#moresquats at every opportunity.  

  • Nike Training App: you can pick a workout based on equipment that is available to you.
  • I also use this website: http://www.thetravelingwod.com/.
  • And I frequently look over CFDC’s past WODs and see what ones I can can do without barbells or easily modify based on what I have at hand.

Got any tips of your own to share?  Tell us!

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