UPDATE, PART 2 – Weekend Weather Schedule Adjustments

Saturday, 1/23
January 22, 2016
Sunday, 1/24
January 23, 2016

Schedule Changes for Sunday, January 24

Dangit, just when you thought DC would, in regular fashion, over-estimate the impending doom of, well, pretty much anything, they seem to have been on point with the amount of snow we were going to get.

Given the state of things, tomorrow’s schedule will mirror today’s:

  • Sunday, 1/24 –  Open Gym ONLY at both gyms, from Noon until 3pm. All classes are CANCELLED for the day. We will post our planned workout online for those interested in completing the workout during Open Gym;

Once again, we’ll re-assess the state of DC’s preparedness before making a call about Monday’s classes, so stay tuned.

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