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Sunday, 1/24
January 23, 2016
Monday, 1/25
January 24, 2016

Schedule Changes for Monday, January 25

It was so pretty. Things were so silent, and so clean, and so utterly wondrous.
And now…well, now it’s just gonna get messy.

As of typing, OPM has not declared a thing (shocker!), but DC government offices are closed on Monday, area schools are closed on Monday, and the leading rumor is that all Feds will be off on Monday as well. So, given all that, here’s CrossFit DC’s schedule for Monday, January 25:

  • Morning classes (6am, 7am, & 8am Open gym) – CANCELLED;
  • Noon classes & 1-2pm Open Gym (BOTH GYMS) – will take place as scheduled!
  • Evening classes:
    • 14th Street = 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30pm classes will take place as scheduled (7:30pm class is CANCELLED);
    • H Street = 4:30 Open Gym, 5:30pm class, and 6:30pm Open Gym will take place as scheduled (7:30pm class is CANCELLED)

Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the city will be back on it’s feet by Tuesday, and so we’re expecting to run a regular class schedule on Tuesday. However, just to be safe, we’ll keep the updates coming. In the meantime, you all keep those awesome pics of all your snow-foolishness coming!

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