ANOTHER Schedule Adjustment (UPDATED)

Wednesday, 1/27
January 26, 2016
CrossFit DC vs. #Blizzard2016
January 27, 2016

Schedule Changes for the Weekend of
Saturday, January 30th
Sunday, January 31st

Yes, yes, we’re aware there’s not another Snowmageddon2 / Snowzilla / SnowWayOut planned for this weekend. This time, our schedule change is all of our own doing, and the only storm will be flurries of knowledge and piles of strength.

CrossFit Football will be taking over our H Street location again this weekend for a CrossFit Football Seminar. While the CFFB crew and the seminar both use the word “football” in their title, a much more accurate description would be *sport specific training.* In other words, the seminar will focus on using CrossFit’s style of training, along with equipment commonly found in CrossFit gyms, to catering to and train those specializing in a single sport (like football, but also baseball, lacrosse, hockey, track and field, the list is endless!).


The CFFB Seminar staff and attendees at CrossFit DC Northeast in 2015 – some familiar looking faces in the group, including Coaches Sara, Mark, and Steve O., as well as member Catherine G.!

Due to the seminar, all classes at H Street will be cancelled this weekend (no classes, and no Open Gym). The class schedule at 14th Street will remain unchanged for the weekend.

Remember, just because you primarily attend classes at H St doesn’t mean you can’t freely attend classes at 14th Street! As such, we will have plenty of coaching staff on hand at our 14th Street location to accommodate the influx of extra people during class this weekend, and we hope to see as many of you as possible.

Of course, if you like the description above, and would like to attend the CrossFit Football Seminar, please don’t hesitate to sign up:


Also, a number of our H Street members have asked about the class times at 14th Street, so as a quick reminder, here are your options for attending class this weekend (and, well, really every weekend) at 14th Street:

  • 10am (regular CrossFit class)
  • 11am (regular CrossFit class)
  • 12pm (regular CrossFit class)
  • Base Camp at 1pm
  • Open Gym from 2pm to 4pm
  • 10am (90min CrossFit class)
  • 11:30am (90min CrossFit class)
  • Open Gym from 9am-to-10am AND again from 1pm-to-2pm


NOW, Bring on the knowledge bombs!

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