2016 Open at CrossFit DC – Synopsis and Schedule Reminder!

Tuesday, 2/23
February 22, 2016
Wednesday, 2/24
February 23, 2016

– The 2016 Open at CrossFit DC –

– Saturday, February 27th to Sunday, March 27th –

Well CFDCers, the 2016 Open is just over a day away!
If life has been a flurry of activity lately and you haven’t been able to keep up with our avalanche of posts on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we thought we’d present a quick summary of everything here for you.

This will affect all our members, and to make sure everyone is aware of the changes taking place over the next five weeks, we wanted to reach out with a brief synopsis of what will happen and how our regular weekend class schedule will change over the next five weeks.

Still need to sign up for the Open? Well, get on it!
For a quick rundown on how to register for the Open, and sign up for a CrossFit DC team, check out Part 1 of our Open blog post series.

Don’t know what you’d be signing up for (i.e., what the hell is the “Open”)?
Then, once again, Part 1 of our Open blog post series is the place to go.

Maybe you know what the Open is, but don’t think it’s for you? PSHAW!
Check out Part 2 of our Open blog post series about why everyone can do (and should consider doing) the Open!

Perhaps you’ve already signed up, but aren’t caught up on how we’ll run things at CFDC for the next five weeks?
Well, in that case, Part 3 of our Open blog post series is for you, including all the in’s and out’s of the next five weeks at both gyms.


OR, perhaps you’re just not quite interested in the Open this year, and only want to know how our regular schedule will be affected. If that’s you, we’ve put together a quick recap below:

  • Monday through Friday
    • Regular Schedule at both gyms
  • Saturday
    • At H Street:
      • 10am CLASS ONLY (60min);
      • Base Camp & Free Intro classes at 11am (60min);
      • all afternoon Open Gym is CANCELLED;
      • Heats of the Open workout will run from 12:30 until close.
    • At 14th Street:
      • 10am CLASS ONLY (60min);
      • Base Camp & Free Intro classes at 11am (60min);
      • Open Gym from Noon until 1pm
  • Sunday
    • At H Street:
      • 10am CLASS ONLY (60min, NOT 90min);
      • Open Gym from 11am to Noon;
    • At 14th Street
      • 10am CLASS ONLY (60min, NOT 90min);
      • all afternoon Open Gym is CANCELLED
      • Heats of the Open workout will run from 11:30 until close

Of course, maybe you were just interested in what class would be doing while the Open was going on.
Well, fret not, we’ll be happy to explain that too!

Our regular classes will include versions of that week’s Open workout. We’ll program our pseudo-Open workout for class at H Street on Saturday, and then for class at 14th on Sunday (i.e., at the location running heats of the Open workout that day). The other day (Sunday at H Street, and Saturday at 14th Street), we’ll program a strength-focused workout focusing on something not overly used in the Open workout.

Not participating? That’s okay!
But why not come watch and cheer for your fellow gym mates?
And if you’re wondering what compelled them to sign up and do these workouts, read what they have to say for themselves by checking out a all the member thoughts and highlights about the Open:

  • Coach Steve on his most memorable Open moments to date, from friendly bets to community camaraderie
  • Coach Peter on his first Open workout (including fighting the urge to punch Coach Tom in the face)
  • Dray M. on measuring progress from the Open, plus “free PRs”
  • Allison M. on the Open as a celebration of growth, hard work, and #gains
  • Alberto P. on the Open’s energy, excitement, and AMAZING atmosphere!
  • Erica M. on burpees and thrusters at 22 weeks pregnant (and previously, 150 wallballs post-13.1 miles)
  • Ross P. on jumping into the Open as an Olympic weightlifter, and why everyone in the gym should just sign up!
  • Amelia M. on the surprise of finding just how up to a challenge you can be in the right atmosphere
  • Ron M. on getting ready to crush the 2015-version of his Open-self
  • Moutray M. on the unique aspect of taking on the best in the CrossFit world (even if only through the internet)
  • Dave L. on his favorite Open memory, mid-workout tunnel vision and all
  • Viv C. on pressure, performance, being part of a team, and paving the way for the rest of H St!;
  • Chris J. on the excitement of his first full and complete open (ninjas beware!);
  • Robin L. on gaining strength from the clock and the cheers;
  • Angela C. on her first open, and the unique aspect of a supportive community;
  • Gavin C. on signing up by proxy (AKA, having appeared on CFDC social media talking about the benefits of the Open!)


  • Kenna W. on being inspired by the unique atmosphere at CrossFit DC;
  • Rachel B. on deciding to see what all the hype was about during her first ever Open;
  • John S. on transitioning from anxiety to enthusiasm, all while steeling himself to show the bar who’s boss!

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