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Tuesday, 3/8
March 7, 2016
Wednesday, 3/9
March 8, 2016

Because barbell-lunging for miles doesn’t necessarily come with scenic views…


(Photo: The North Face Endurance Challenge Series)

Mark Your Calendars

CFDC is hitting the trail, and we want you!

On Sunday, April 9, teams of CFDCers will lace up their sneakers for The North Face Endurance Challenge DC #ECSDC, held at Algonkian Regional Park, featuring single-track trails and carriage roads through riverside forest. While the event will feature multiple distance options, we’ve set our sights on the marathon relay, in which teams of 2-4 runners will complete a 10K loop each.


(Photo: The North Face Endurance Challenge Series)

We’re psyched to have several teams of CFDCers already confirmed to race, and even more excited to announce, in partnership with The North Face Endurance Challenge Series, a discounted entry for any CFDC member who’s interested in joining in the fun.

We’re happy to help you connect with fellow CFDCers to form relay teams, or we encourage you to join up with a few buddies — and we’ll look forward to hitting the trail squad deep, CFDC-style.


Announcing… CrossFit DC Endurance!

If we’ve piqued your interest… perhaps inspired you to dig out your running shoes from beneath your Nanos and lifters… we’ll add just one more teaser to the mix: the April 9 race will serve as a kick-off for our nascent CrossFit DC Endurance program.


Yes, that’s right, CFDC Endurance! We know that many of our runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, and aspiring endurance athletes have long been asking, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be getting things off the ground in the coming weeks, starting with some old-fashioned trail running!


To Learn More

To learn more about joining CFDC at The North Face Endurance Challenge, or to find out more about our new CrossFit DC Endurance Program, please email info@crossfitdc.com, subject heading “Endurance.”

Until then — we’ll catch you on the run!




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  1. Dray says:

    Who wants to take me out to the billy goat trail before or after the open workouts over the weekend! Spring is when I most regret not having a car… I won’t be joining you for this race (heading down to Charlotte for a Spartan Race that weekend and avoiding recruiting against this event buuuut anyone is welcome) but love some running and scrambling on the rocks of those trails!
    (the math problems have gotten hilariously complex since the last time I commented on here: 3 x IV = what the hell)