Thursday, 3/10
March 9, 2016
CrossFit DC Takes on 16.2!
March 10, 2016

Focus 1: Handstands (esp. Kicking into a Handstand, or a scaled version of kick-ups)
Focus 2: Jump Rope and Double Unders
Workout: Handstand Push-Ups, Single Skip/Double Under Jump Rope, and Air Squats


While last week’s Base Camp borrowed from a past 2016 Open workout, this week’s Base Camp will both borrow from last week’s Open workout (Double Unders), while also prognosticating about a movement to be featured in an upcoming Open workout (Handstands Push-Ups).

But what good is a handstand push-up if you can’t get into a handstand? To whit, we’ll start by focusing on proper positioning for the handstand, and then work on kicking into a handstand in a variety of scenarios, as well as working on a great scaled version that falls in between wall walks and the wall supported handstand. After that, we’ll review different approaches to working on your double unders, before capping things off with a met-con featuring both movements.

Points covered will include:

  • Wall Walks;
  • Kick-Up practice against the wall;
  • Pike Position holds against the wall (the interim between Wall Walks and Handstands);
  • Kick-Up to Piked Leg Raises
  • Finding a beat for double unders, and methods for working towards mastering the movement; and,
  • Handstand Push-Up (“HSPU”) Scaling options for use in the day’s workout

To review before class, we highly recommend checking out the following descriptions and demonstrations on both movements:

Two recent CrossFit DC articles, including “Handstand Push-Up 101” and “Ask the Coach: Handstand Help“;

Double Unders – Everything You Need to Know (courtesy of

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