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May 31, 2016
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June 1, 2016

Team Tiger Balm All-Star.  Proud owner of a #FirstMuscleup, courtesy 16.3.  And so much more than meets the eye — get to know our very own Staci P., of H Street renown, below!

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How long have you been doing CrossFit, and what inspired you to begin?  

A long time ago in Atlanta, Georgia, I was on a first date with a lovely young lady named Toni and one of the first things that came out her mouth was that she was getting into CrossFit. I then thought to myself, “CrossFit? Oh, boy.. check please”.

Around that time, I was still into running half marathons and NOT into whatever Kool-Aid CrossFit seemed to be serving. Fast forward just a mere one year later, and I had relocated to Baltimore with Toni (I know right?!).  I was still into running but it turns out that Baltimore isn’t the best place to go running by oneself in the wee hours of the morning ..or ever. So I was in a new city, not running, and we were the new kids in town and basically had no friends. The solution? Toni signed us up for CrossFit. We needed a place to workout and a place to make new friends… Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Surprisingly enough, CrossFit was just what we needed. Great community and fantastic workouts. Once we moved to DC about two years ago we emailed Tom and after one drop in we knew CrossFit DC was our new home.


Favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements? 

Does the foam roller count? It makes a great seat to sit on as I waste unlimited amounts of time talking to other members. Least favorite – burpees…duh. Favorite lift – anything from the hang. I’ve been working a lot on the hang snatch.


What do you do when you aren’t flinging heavy weights around the gym? 

I like to snapchat my daily shenanigans. I wish I was joking but I’m not. In my spare time I’m a P.E. teacher, but mainly I snapchat.



Design your ideal workout playlist .

It’s a real treat  for me when Tom Brose puts on the spotify Crunk Mix. Outkast, T.I, Lil Jon and the Eastside boyz, the Ying Yang twins. Anything that reminds me of growing up in Atlanta is my favorite.


If you could have any superpower you wanted, it’d be ____________ because __________.

I’d be  Albus Dumbledore from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because living as a Muggle isn’t all its cracked up to be.


Tell us about a goal you’re working toward (in the gym or beyond). 

Right now my main goal in the gym is to keep having a good time and to keep meeting awesome people. I’d also like to get back to morning classes so I can make fun of Hans G. and Steve O.


What do you know now about CrossFit that you wish you knew when you started? 

Nothing. My assumptions were all correct.


Why do you do CrossFit? 

I like getting stronger and making gainz, but I really enjoy the community at CrossFit DC.  Not to get all sentimental but CrossFit DC has become my home away from home.

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(Photo: Charles W.)

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