Saturday, 7/30
July 29, 2016
Monday, 8/1
July 31, 2016

3 Rounds of
15 Band Good Mornings
10 Spider Lunges
15 Arch Rocks (scale to Superman)
10 Supine Scorpion

Strength – Good Mornings
1 x 10 w bar;
2 x 5 working up in weight


Team Met-Con (in teams of 3-4)
3 x 3 Deadlifts + 3 Hanging Scap Retraction + 6 Squats
– work up to working weight on DLs and Goblet Squats

3 Rounds of
21 KB Goblet Squats / Squat Hold
14 OH Plate Sit-Ups / Plank Hold
7 Deadlifts* / Hanging Hold on Pull Up Bar

P1 begins with Goblet squats, once they complete them they hand off KB and hold squat position (unweighted) while P2 does goblet squats. Once P2 finishes, they move to hold while P1 moves on to OH Plate Sit Ups. Continue pattern until everyone is through 3 rounds.

For Deadlift, RX is average BW of team, scale as appropriate to be able to complete 3 sets of 7.

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