Wednesday, 8/17
August 16, 2016
Thursday, 8/18
August 17, 2016

Focus 1: Rowing
Focus 1: Seated Box Jumps
Focus 2: Box Jumps
Workout: DB Cleans, Box Jumps, V-Ups

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What’s the deal with Box Jumps? You get yourself from standing on the floor to standing on the box. I mean, really, is there really any technique to it? YES! Lots!! Don’t believe us? Then be sure to hit up this weekend’s Base Camp, where everyone will get a big dose of explosive leg work. We’ll warm-up with some good reminders about proper rowing technique, followed by lots of plyometric work in both Seated Box Jumps and regular Box Jumps.

Class will include:

  • A  reminder of proper technique for rowing on the Ergs;
  • Set-up, execution, and height selection for Seated Box Jumps;
  • Set-up, execution, and height selection for Box Jumps for a met-con; and,
  • Scaling and substitution options for the day’s workout, including how and when to choose a scaling/sub option.

To review before class, we highly recommend checking out the following information:

“For the seated box jump, start in a seated position where the tops of your thighs are at or just below parallel (a small box is usually your best bet, with plates used to adjust the height as needed).  To initiate the jump, lift your feet off the ground while rocking back slightly, and then quickly rock forward, slam your feet down, and explode off the box into a full vertical jump onto a higher box. Remember to land light, absorbing your landing with soft knees.”

And from Tony Gentilcore, check out the following blog post reviewing proper form and common mistakes associated with the box jump:

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