Thursday, 9/8/16
September 7, 2016
Friday, 9/9/16
September 8, 2016

Focus 1: Power Jerk & Split Jerk
Focus 2: Push Jerk
Workout: DB Push Jerk, alt. DB Lunge & Lateral Hops


What a bunch of jerks!

This Saturday’s Base Camp class will start with a primer on the interplay of Power Jerk and Split Jerks, before moving on to create a better Push Jerk, something very valuable for met-cons with heavy or high reps of overhead movement. In particular, we’ll cover the following points:

  • Practical review of both the Power Jerk and the Split, and how the Power Jerk is essential to understand the Split Jerk (including lifts with just the bar and with added weight);
  • Practical review of the Push Jerk, especially on how to push under the bar, instead of working so hard to continuously press the bar up;
  • Explanation of common coaching cues, and determining how much weight to use during class (and how to estimate a 1 Rep Max); and,
  • Scaling and substitution options for the class workout, including how and when to choose a scaling/sub option.

To review before class, we highly recommend checking out the following descriptions and demo videos from Catalyst Athletics:

Also, as follow up to this week’s base camp class (and others), we suggest using the following online “calculator” to help set a One Rep Max for the above lifts:

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