The 2016 CrossFit DC SMACKDOWN

Friday, 9/23
September 22, 2016
Saturday, 9/24
September 23, 2016

That’s right, CFDCers, get excited – it’s time for CrossFit DC’s annual intra-gym team competition, the Smackdown!

This will be fifth iteration of the Smackdown, and if you’re wondering just what all the fuss is about, we’re here to slap you up with some Smackdown knowledge:

Exactly what is the “Smackdown”?
The Smackdown is a CrossFit DC-only team competition (i.e., for members only). The workouts are carefully designed so that ALL participants can enjoy the excitement and fun of a CrossFit competition, without all the anxiety of out-of-reach gymnastics movements, one rep max Oly lifts, and cut throat, do-or-die attitudes.

Who should Participate?
Any CFDC member, and we really do mean ANY member. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with us for years, or months, or even just days. The movements and scaling options chosen each year for the competition means that the workouts can be undertaken by any member at CrossFit DC. What’s more, we use a scoring system that rewards everyone for any amount of work done. In short, it’s a lot of fun, and a great way to meet your fellow CFDCers all while enjoying the atmosphere of a CrossFit competition.

How can you Participate?

  • Step One: decide you want to participate (we’ll presume this was done after the first paragraph above!)
  • Step Two: find three other teammates who have also completed Step One!

Smackdown teams will be made of four people: two ladies and two men (and no, despite being asked every year, we still won’t consider teams of 4 guys, or 3 guys and a girl, or an all-ladies team, or even a team of 3 people and a dog…though that last idea intrigues us).

Of course the best part is that because of the way each workout is structured, not everyone on the team needs to have the same abilities. That’s because, while a competition, the Smackdown is primarily about fun and community: interacting with other members of CrossFit DC (whether they’re on your team or not); meeting people you might not have otherwise ever been introduced to; constantly checking CFDC’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for clues about the workouts; checking out the various team names and uniforms; and, of course, cheering for everyone that takes the floor (even if, maybe, cheering slightly louder for your team).

The Buts and Nolts:

  • When:
    • Saturday, October 15th, from roughly 9am to 5pm.
  • Where:
    • CrossFit DC Northeast (AKA “H Street”)
  • Who:
    • Up to twenty-five Teams of 4 people (2 guys and 2 girls)
  • How:
    • Registration info and link will officially go up on Monday, Oct. 3, and will remain open until Thursday, Oct. 13th.

Rest assured that we’ll continue to sprinkle all of our social media channels with updates, hints and teasers. In the meantime, start getting your teams together! Of course, if you need help finding that missing piece to your team, or want to fill-in as the missing piece on a team, hit up the CrossFit DC Facebook group and let others know!

The CrossFit DC Smackdown Team

CrossFit DCLift Smarter, Work Harder, Get Smacked Down. PROVEN.

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