2016 Smackdown Workout Hint #4

Friday, 10/14
October 13, 2016
Saturday, 10/15 – 2016 CrossFit DC Smackdown
October 14, 2016

Final hint for the Smackdown!

The following bit of absurdity comes with an added bonus this year. Team’s will have until 7:30AM tomorrow (Saturday, 10/15) to guess the particulars of the final workout. The team with most accurate guess will find a few extra points added to their kitty.

Team captains may email the Smackdown director (Chris) with the teams’ best guess. Good Luck!
(All other questions, observations, or general gripes about the ludicrousness of these hints may be posted into the comments below.)

I am the Odious Tedium of the Ambiguous Idiom; or,
A Most Riddlecous Smackdown Hint

I am the winds! I am the corners of the earth! I am the horsemen!!
Am I part of your list yet? Don’t kick me, cuz I’m a slime, and I’m a sleaze.
Dead in it for sure, but still, I’m fine, I can still be hot. I can be muddy, and I can be bloody
This sea, this playing field? Bring yourself down to me.
Don’t you get me!? Have you come to me!? Don’t lose me!!
Perhaps some salt, in case you’re feeling me?
I’m full, there’s a lot on me.
Maybe perhaps you already have it on me.
Will you play me? / Will you be saved by me?
Perhaps I’m out to dry, on a thread, in the balance.
You’ve shown me, the end of me.
Raise me, lower me, or get behind me.
I’m fleeting, I’m flying, so race against me.

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