Wednesday, 11/16
November 15, 2016
Thursday, 11/17
November 16, 2016

Focus 1: Thrusters
Focus 2: Wall Balls
Workout: Wall Balls, Ring-Rows, & Push-Ups



So you’ve figured out Front Squats, and Push Press don’t give you issues? Awesome – what happens when they get combined into one movement? Yup, Base Camp this Saturday is focusing on the oft-disliked Thruster. And while we’re at it, might as well do a review of Wall Balls.

Class will include:

  • Practical review of set-up and execution for a thruster (including lifts with just the bar and with added weight);
  • Explanation of common coaching cues;
  • Determining how much weight to use during class, especially during met-cons;
  • Set-up, execution, and weight selection for Wall Balls; and,
  • Scaling and substitution options for the class workout, including how and when to choose a scaling/sub option.

To review before class, we highly recommend checking out the following information from the archives of Catalyst Athletics:

  • Thruster (Explanation & Demo)

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