Thursday, 12/8
December 7, 2016
Friday, 12/9
December 8, 2016

Focus 1: Handstands (esp. Kicking into a Handstand, or a scaled version of kick-ups)
Focus 2: Handstand Push-Ups
Focus 3/Workout: DB Floor Press & Pendlay Rows



For this week’s Base Camp we’ll start by focusing on proper positioning for the handstand, and then work on kicking into a handstand in a variety of scenarios, as well as working on a great scaled version that falls in between wall walks and the wall supported handstand. After that, we’ll get down to some nitty-gritty strength work featuring a nice little push-pull superset of DB floor press and Pendlay rows.

Points covered will include:

  • Wall Walks;
  • Kick-Up practice against the wall;
  • Pike Position holds against the wall (the interim between Wall Walks and Handstands);
  • Handstand Push-Ups (“HSPU”) and Scaling options;
  • Practical review of the Floor Press, including lifts with just the bar and with added weight; and,
  • Practical review of the Pendlay Row for use in the Super-Set Strength workout!

To review before class, we highly recommend checking out the following descriptions and demonstrations on both movements:

Two of CrossFit DC’s own articles, including “Handstand Push-Up 101” and “Ask the Coach: Handstand Help“.

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