Tuesday, 3/7
March 6, 2017
Thursday, 3/9
March 8, 2017

Warm Up
3 Rounds
3 Wall Walkers
6 PVC Dislocates
3 Rolling Split Straddles
6 Spider Lunge w/ Reach Up

Handstand Push Ups (15 Min) (all done to Ab Mat w/ hands on floor)
Review set up:
Head away from wall
Hand placement in front of head to form tripod
Kicking up with Locked arms- NO Kicking up with head down

2×2 Kick Up with negative to tripod (no Push up)+ 10 Spider Plank
(Scale to 2×2 Wall Walkers+10 Spider Planks)

2×1 Kick up w/ negative +2 Knee tuck & extend+ 3 Kip to Hip Bridge
(Scale to 2×5 Pike Position Push Ups+5 Kip to Hip Bridge)

2x 2-3 Kipping HSPU attempts

Met Con
5 Rounds of 2 Minutes On/ 2 Minutes Off
5 Handstand Push Ups
15 Ab Mat Sit Ups
30 Double Unders (Scale to 15 Mountain Climbers+ 30 Single Skips)

Pick up where you ;leftOffice 2004 Test Drive User
* HSPU Options:
Scale UP: Hands on Multiple Plates/ head to single Ab Mat
RX: Hands on Plate = to Single Ab Mat
Scaling: Hands on Floor/ head to 1 or 2 Ab Mats
5 DB Strict Press (As Heavy as Possible)

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