Programming Preview: Week of 10/9
October 8, 2017
What to Expect: The CFDC Smackdown
October 9, 2017

Warm Up
4 rounds
4 Alt T Push Ups
4 Hanging scap retractions
4 Squat to Bootstrappers
4 Plank to Squat

1×6 Strict Press w/ bar
2×3 Push Press (working up+ 3 Kip swings+ 3 Toes to PVC)

4 Rounds
AMRAP 2 min
6 Push Press (M:165/135/115/95/75, W:113/93/78/63/45)
18 Double Unders (scale to 36 Single Skips)
Rest 2 Min

6 Alt DB Snatches (~40% weight of Push Press)
6 T2B
Rest 2 Min

3 Rounds NFT
5-10 Tempo Push Ups (2-1-x-1)*
5 Prone Plate retract and Press

Scaling Options:
Scale T2B to Hanging Knee raises
Ring Tempo Push Ups (scale up)- straps off arms, turn thumbs out at top
5 reps Bar in Rack (higher the bar set= less resistance)

*2 count negative, 1 count hold at bottom, drive up explosively, 1 count pause at top

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