What to Expect: The CFDC Smackdown

Monday, 10/9
October 8, 2017
Tuesday, 10/10
October 9, 2017

What to Expect: The CFDC Smackdown
Are you asking, “What’s a Smackdown” then keep reading! If you’re also asking, “Should I do it?” The answer is absolutely! All levels, CrossFit DC vets and newbies are welcome. 2-time Smackdown Athlete, Anna Mackay recalls her first Smackdown below.

14884589_731612850324226_3795881224338530836_o“A friendly intra-gym competition” was essentially all I knew about the Smackdown when I agreed to be on a team last year. I knew two of the three other team members, and met the third upon rolling into H Street the morning of the event.

In the couple weeks leading up to the event, our team connected via email, agreed on a team name along with a few key pieces of clothing that would sufficiently coordinate so folks could at least identify us as a team. I felt a little silly in my 80’s outfit upon arrival at the gym, but one sighting of the two dudes on our team in their fluorescent short-shorts was ample confirmation of the good time ahead.

I had been doing CrossFit for about 6 months and felt less than confident at 14721728_10154063150631819_961895179007891403_nthe prospect of facing some of the skills i had encountered in classes – snatch, bar muscle-up, handstand pushups, double-under’s, to name just a few – but much to my relief the programmed workouts featured movements that pretty much any CrossFitter, no matter how new to CrossFit, could manage. As we moved from workout to workout, we were able to divvy up the efforts based on our respective skills & strengths which made all the events that much more fun.

14590148_731614223657422_3868582794003344868_oSo… in sum, what to expect? Creative & funny outfits, loads of cheering & laughter, no shortage of taxing workouts & sweat, high fives all around, and of course, donuts and beer. No better way to spend a Saturday!

Questions about the Smackdown or want to find a team? Email us at info@crossfitdc.com!

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