Member Spotlights: The mamas of H St Noon Class

Wednesday, 11/1
October 31, 2017
Thursday, 11/2
November 1, 2017

Finding time for yourself as a parent is difficult. Finding time for fitness is even more difficult. However, noon class draws the crowds…or at least the strollers! H St regulars and fit mama’s Karen, Mason, Katie and Glenda bring their babies (22 months and under) to hang out while they get fit with us. Ladies, we’re so proud of your commitment to your fitness and we’re honored to be part of you and your children’s lives!

How long have you been doing CrossFit (and what inspired you to begin)?

Karen: I started CrossFit in 2015 in Princeton, NJ. I was traveling to Princeton every week for work and bought a Groupon to try it out as something to do in the evenings. When I heard a CF gym was opening on H St, I signed up so I could continue CF on the weekends when I was back in DC.

Mason: I’ve been CrossFitting for about 5 years. I am a long-retired professional ballet dancer, and was searching for a workout that would match the mental and physical intensity of my ballet training, but would also be fun.  I gave up on most of the workout classes I tried because 1) no one cared if you did the movements correctly or if you were seeing personal progress and 2) no one talked to each other! When I tried CrossFit DC the focus on technique and the awesome, encouraging community was a perfect fit.

unnamed-2Katie: 6.5 years. My husband went to a fundamentals class and told me I would love it. He wasn’t wrong.

Glenda: First time I walked into a CrossFit gym was about 5 years ago.  I needed to try something new and challenging, so I did and have not looked back since. After a couple of complicated pregnancies, which included hospitalization and bedrest, I took a long time off from working out. I was in a rut and didn’t want to go back to my old box.  James T. convinced me to give CFDC a try about 8 months ago. After one workout here I knew I wanted to join.

Favorite part of CFDC? 

lime team_DSC2037_previewKaren: The people! Team Met Cons are always my favorite because working out with others always pushes me to work harder. Everyone is supportive and encouraging no matter your fitness level.

Mason: The coaches have been incredibly welcoming and willing to meet me where I’m at in terms of fitness post-pregnancy. And the noon class is such an awesome group of people!

Katie: My favorite part of CFDC is the people I’ve met. It’s so nice to have normal adult conversations after spending all day with a toddler. And the fact that everyone is so cool. I’ve made some great friendships here, so much so that I come almost everyday at noon.

Glenda: The noon class!!!! I have never been so supported and encouraged at a gym. I genuinely look forward to seeing everyone, every time I come in. There is no judgement – just support. I love this place!unnamed

What do you do when you aren’t flinging heavy weights around the gym? 

Karen: Since I’m still on maternity leave, I’ve been taking advantage of the “baby” programs around town e.g. crybaby matinee at Angelika Theatre, Snugglers at the Botantical Garden, and BYOB at Museum of Natural History.

Mason: I’m a fundraising consultant.  I help nonprofits set up best-in-class development operations or run successful capital campaigns. Most weekends, you’ll spot us three redheads and our bulldog Watson heading to Eastern Market for some blue bucks.

Katie: Amateur burrito wrapper. And I take care of my kid and make sure the house is quasi-clean, but that’s not fun to talk about especially when your house can never be clean with a toddler in it.

Glenda: I’m looking for ways to entertain and keep my 21 month old busy while still trying to carve out some time for myself.  I’m fortunate enough to only have to work two days a week for now.  So my primary job, at the moment, is bringing up my mini me.

Tell us about a goal you’re working toward (in the gym or beyond).

Karen: I’d like to get back to my pre-pregnancy strength and fitness. My running definitely needs work and I’d like to start doing pull Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.23.08 PMups again. My goal is once I go back to work that even with work and family, I still make time for myself and get to the gym consistently.

Mason: Life is more rich and full of cuteness and love than I could have ever imagined.  But with baby, husband, work, dog, friends, family and fitness there’s a constant logistics and scheduling puzzle going on in my head! These months with Leo are so fun, and enjoying them means that not everything gets done most days. My goal for myself is just to get to the box as much as I can.  It is a perfect break and chance to focus on my health.

Katie: I’d like to become stronger than I was pre-baby. So far I’ve surpassed most of my pre-baby PRs, so I guess I need some new goals.

unnamed-3Glenda: My number one goal right now is to get to the gym regularly.  Its been such a struggle and life gets in the way but I’m realizing that the gym makes me better at life so it needs to be more of a priority.

Talk about your experience bringing your babies to workout.

Karen: I met Katie and Mason and their little ones at the noon class when I was still pregnant. It was encouraging to see them managing time with their babies but still getting their workouts in! They made it look easy and gave me hope that I could do it too. Now I try to bring my little guy and it’s a great energy in the class. Everyone is welcoming and supportive and I love seeing the other mamas to catch up, share tips, and work towards fitness gains!

unnamed-2-2Mason: I needed to take two months off toward the end of my pregnancy and two months off once Leo arrived. I’m an older mom and I just wasn’t sure how my return to crossFit would go.  When I started to feel ready to work out again, it was so helpful to see other moms at the box.  We encouraged each other to work hard, but also to be realistic about our recovery. And not everyone at the box wants to chat about topics like: How is your abdominal separation healing? What pediatrician do you use?  How are you going to breastfeed during the CrossFit DC Smackdown? Life as a crossFitting mama can get weird, and its great to have friends who understand and help you laugh through it all. I am so grateful to the coaches and all the members who were willing to put up with Leo’s good and bad days at the box. Coach Steve and Coach Tom have gone above and beyond to make the moms welcome, and never seem to mind pushing the stroller around to keep Leo happy while we finish up the workout.

Katie: Being able to bring Ben to class with me is what keeps me sane. Other boxes wouldn’t let me bring him but there was no hesitation when I asked Tom about it. Watching Ben play around the box is really fun to experience because I know if he’s comfortable in the gym now, he will be later, too. The support and motivation I feel from my noon classmates makes every burpee, thruster, and handstand hold totally worth it. Super clichéd I know, but I love my CFDC family.

Glenda: When I walked into CFDC for the first time I really didn’t think I’d be able to bring her with me to the gym regularly. James told me he had seen some babies at the noon class but I was skeptical. After a couple of workouts I was encouraged by Tom and a few other people to bring her and try it out. I’m so glad I did! Its not always easy because sometimes she gets fussy and impatient but the group has never made me feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. In fact, its quite the opposite!  On more than one occasion someone in class will pick up a toy that she dropped or make a funny face at her in an attempt to help me out. It never goes unnoticed and I’m super grateful for this amazing community.

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