Tuesday, 1/9
January 8, 2018
January Events & Schedule Changes
January 10, 2018

Warm Up
4 Rounds
20’ Bear Crawl
8 Supine Scorpion
20’ Crab Walk
4 Pause Hip Bridges

Handstand Skill (12 Min)
4 Rounds
1 Wall Walk+ 10-20 Alt shoulder Taps (scale to pike position)
3 Kip to Hip Bridge

EMOM 24 Min (6x each)
A) 3-6 Handstand Push Ups*
B) 15 Hollow Rocks
C) 6-12 Strict Ring Dips** (scale up to 3 ring Muscle Ups)
D) 20 Plate Russian Twists (10/side)

1 Min OH Band Stretch/side
1 Min Band Trap Stretch/side

*Find most challenging option that falls within 3-6 rep range:
– Push Up on floor
– Pike Push Up on floor
– Pike Push up feet on Box
– HSPU 1-2 Ab Mats, hands on floor
– HSPU 1 Ab Mat, hands on plates (or use large mats- NOT yoga mat)
– HSPU Deficit

**Scale Ring Dips to Bar or Box- Reps do not have to be unbroken
Scale any reps to be done in no more than :40

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