The Open 2018: To Register or Not to Register…

Friday, 2/23
February 22, 2018
Saturday, 2/24
February 23, 2018

Many of you, especially those who are newer to CrossFit or those who feel like they may not “be good enough” are questioning whether or not to register for the 2018 CrossFit Open. Member and social media guru, Katherine B, gives her take on doing the Open. Give it a read and hopefully it will help to decide to pull the trigger!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing CrossFit seven weeks or seven years – the Open is for everyone.

I did my first Open in 2015, about five weeks after I had joined CrossFit. Prior to CrossFit I was not athletic, at all, whatsoever. To add complexity, I’m missing 90% of my left lung and my heart is on the opposite side of chest so I’m working with half an engine by default.

Despite that I felt like I had everything working against me to do well in the Open, my CrossFit community was nothing but supportive. No one cares if you complete 2 rounds or 20 – it’s about doing the best you can and giving yourself a benchmark to approve upon next year.

The camaraderie brought to the gym throughout the five weeks is unmatched. The crowd for Friday Night Lights and Saturday Afternoon Delights will be rowdy, enthusiastic, and inspiring and the spirit continues through each and every weekend.

If you’re hesitant or unsure whether or not to sign up, I strongly encourage it. Your community supports you and will be there for you every jump, lift, and pull-up along the way.

So what are waiting for? Sign up!

CrossFit DC 2018 Open Details:


  • All Saturday intros during the Open are cancelled


  • Schedule changed to M, W, Th for two weeks


  • Workout announced at 8PM
  • Heat sheet released at 9:30PM
  • All schedule conflicts/make up requests must be sent in by midnight
  • Class programming released by 10:30PM


  • The blog and Train Heroic will be updated by 8AM
  • The WOD that day will be similar to the Open
  • Class schedule will be normal at gym NOT hosting Friday Night Lights (FNL)
  • At gym hosting FNL, there will be 4:30 and 5:30 class as normal
  • NO 6:30PM Class
  • ….and then to the bars after last heat!


  • 9AM Boot Camp, 10am/11am CrossFit as planned at both locations
  • Noon at U st. cancelled
  • Afternoon Open Gym at both locations cancelled

Members with Schedule Conflicts and Retests

  • People who can’t make either can do the workout during Open Gym Sun 1pm only (no make ups during AM OG) Please bring a someone with you to Open Gym who can judge your workout
  • Members will only be judged ONCE (does not apply to comp team)

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