Saturday, 6/2
June 1, 2018
Programming Preview: Week of 6/4
June 3, 2018

Warm Up
3 Rounds
12 Pause Squats
6 Rev Hand Spider Lunges
12 Alt Samson Lunges
6 Alt Bird Dogs

Clean (40 Min total)
3×2 Three position Pause Ext+2 Hang Hi Pull+2 Hang Power Clean+2 Front Squats

Tall Clean

3×1 Hang Squat Clean+ 1 Clean (from floor, pause with bar just off floor)
3×1 Clean

Cleans working up as heavy as form permits

Partner Met Con
As far as possible in 15 Minutes
3-6-9-12 Squat Cleans each M:115/95/75/45 W:83/63/45/35
2-4-6-8 Squat Cleans each M:135/115/95/65 W:93/83/65/45
1-2-3-4 Squat Cleans each M:155/135/115/85 W:103/93/78/55
Alt singles in remainder M:185/155/135/95 W:123/113/83/63

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