Coach Spotlight: Alex O.

Programming Preview: Week of 7/16
July 15, 2018
Monday, 7/16
July 15, 2018

How I got to CrossFit: I started CrossFit in 2007. I was at Virginia Military Institute at the time, where CrossFit was popular amongst a counter-cultural group of cadets aspiring to reach the levels of fitness required to succeed in demanding military occupations, but that eschewed the conventional wisdom on military fitness which only valued high cardio capacity in the 2-5 mile range, and muscular endurance of the chest, shoulders and abs (this reflected the need to perform well on the tested events of the standardized fitness tests we have to take). We saw then, and it’s still true now, that to fight requires a broad range of physical competencies, and the other guys wouldn’t be successful by simply preparing for the fitness test.

I came to CrossFit DC in December 2017, as my job brought me to DC from Charlottesville, VA. I came here because of the glowing endorsement of from Preston M. and Zach S., with whom I trained and coached at Solidarity CrossFit (y’all drop in and see them if you ever find yourself in Charlottesville!)

Favorite Movement: Clean

Worst Movement: …still can’t get that handstand walk…

Current goal: 300lbs Bench and 275lbs Clean while maintaining 13:00min 2-mile

What have I leaned about CrossFit: There is no “dogma” here, no irrefutable facts. We base everything on the best and most current evidence that sport science has to offer.

Squat: plain ole back squat (though I was tempted to say something obscure like ‘tempo Frankenstein bottom up front squat’)

Burpees: a necessary evil

Surprise: You might be surprised to hear that I grew up in England; moved to US at 12 years old.

Cue: “Let’s drop some weight”… maybe not a cue in the traditional sense, but definitely set me on the right path.

Workout I’ll never repeat:– 12 days of CrossFit … Reserved for those on Santa’s naughty list. I’ll leave it there!

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