Saturday, 8/18
August 17, 2018
Programming Preview: Week of 8/20
August 19, 2018

Warm Up
3 Rounds
6 Alt T Push Ups
6 Scap Push Ups
6 Hanging Scap Retraction
6 Band Pull Aparts

“Lynne”(35 Min)
4×5 Bench Press working up
After each bench set alternate between 10 OH Band Pull Aparts and 10 Band Curls

5 Rounds
Max Reps Bench Press bodyweight
Max unbroken Strict Chin Ups
Move relatively directly from Bench Press to Chin Ups. Rest~3:00 between rounds

Scaling Options:
Scale Bench Press to 1/3, ½ or 2/3 bw (Ideally allows for 8-12 reps in first set)
Scale Pull ups to Single Band assisted, 2 negatives or 5-8 challenging Ring Rows)

Met Con
5 Rounds for time (15 Min Cap)
5 Single DB Push Press (L)
10 Plate Russian Twists
15 Double Unders
5 Single DB Push Press (R)
10 Burpees
15 Double Unders

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