CFDC Smackdown 2018 Recap: A Judge’s Perspective

CFDC Smackdown 2018 Recap: The Events
October 31, 2018
Thursday, 11/1
October 31, 2018

Special thanks go out to our CFDC Smackdown 2018 judges for their hard work. Not only did they score workouts, but also help set up the equipment for each workout, cleaned up the gym, and led the afterparty at Red Rocks Roof Deck. 



Judging also gives a great perspective on the events. Last year, Chieh participated on a team, this year as a judge:

“Judging the Smackdown event was a cool experience. It’s fun to watch athletes from each team adjusting their strategies during the workout, working together to maximize their points. CrossFit requires a variety of abilities and athletes need to know their strengths. To me, the best part of the judging experience is to watch teams be creative with their strategies, communicate with each other, and leave with happy memories of the Smackdown.”


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