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November 1, 2018
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November 2, 2018

Meet Rachel B. our Member Spotlight for this November!


So for background, you’re from Toronto, started CrossFit in RI, and came here to get your doctorate at GW right?

I moved from RI to DC to get my doctorate at GW. I had only just started CrossFit when I left RI, and was absolutely enthralled by the community and competitiveness of it – I didn’t know a single person in DC when I moved here, and so finding a new CrossFit home and family was at the top of my list (other than, you know, also finding an apartment and normal roommates).


What is the degree?  How long has it taken?

I moved here in fall 2014, and just had my final dissertation defense and oral examination last week! So it’s been a (too-long, too-quick, always hectic) 4 years. I study oncology and nanomedicine – essentially using genetic engineering and synthetic engineering tools to develop therapies for children suffering with pediatric cancers such as neuroblastoma.


How have you been able to balance fitness (CFDC, dance, marathon) with the academic workload?  Any advice for people trying to fit it all in?

Don’t sleep? Just kidding, sleep is an absolute necessity! Honestly I would say the most important thing is to know what you are truly capable of and know your limits. It is completely acceptable to say “no” (this took me a while to understand). Just because you can’t always do everything does not mean that you are failing or falling short. You’re only going to be able to succeed at your tasks (working out, school, teaching, running, etc) if you have enough of yourself to give to each activity, so don’t be afraid to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy each of those tasks, rather than just rushing through it to get to the next one.


Give us your ideal CrossFit DC workout, playlist and cheat meal!

Fav CrossFit DC workouts are any that include box jumps and wall balls! Long legs for the win! Down to workout to anything with a good beat – loving Coach Steve’s playlists right now. I’m Paleo ~80% of the time, but give me a donut, and I’m sold. Any donut.

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Scientist, athlete, CFDC poster model: is there anything you can’t do?

Somehow after 4+ years of CrossFit I still can’t do a pushup. Clean my body weight – not a problem. Pushup my body weight – nope. I think I’m defective

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