Sunday, 2/10
February 9, 2019
Monday, 2/11
February 10, 2019

Monday, 2/11:  Partner Met Con – Synchro T2B, Alt Single DB Clean and Jerk, and Burpee Box Jump Overs

Tuesday, 2/12: Front Squats & 3 Rounds for Quality – Alt DB Pistols, Single Leg KB RDL, Hollow Rocks, and Side Plank

Wednesday, 2/13: Snatch Complex & Met Con – Double Unders and Power Snatch

Thursday, 2/14: Met Con – 9 Minute Work – Alt DB Snatch, Bike, Row, Pull Ups, and Burpees

Friday, 2/15: EMOM Met Con – KB Swings, :30 L Sit, Double Unders, Hollow Rocks, Box Jumps, and Plank Hold

Saturday, 2/16: Power Clean Cluster & AMRAP Met Con – Wall Ball, Hang Power Cleans, and HSPU

Sunday, 2/17: Deadlift, Met Con, and Accessory Work

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