Programming Preview: Week fo 3/25
March 24, 2019
Tuesday, 3/26
March 25, 2019

Met Con
EMOM 24 (6 rounds)
A) 5-8 Strict Chin Ups
B) 15 Hollow Rocks
C) 8-12 Dips
D) L-Sit (accumulate max time in :40)

Tempo Push Up Skill

6 Minutes to accumulate max tempo pushups (1-1-x-1)* done with perfect form. 15 Band Pull Aparts each time you break.

* Tempo Push Ups
    1 count negative
    1 count pause at bottom- chest and hips at the floor without resting any weight on the floor
    Drive up explosively
    1 count pause at top with body in straight line and elbows locked

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