Sunday, 3/31
March 30, 2019
Rx+ Open Gym Programming: Week of 4/1
March 31, 2019

Monday, 4/1: EMOM, Strict Press, & Met Con – Single Arm DB Clean & Jerk and Burpees
Tuesday, 4/2: Met Con – Row, Box Jumps, Assault Bike, and Double Unders
Wednesday, 4/3: Pause Back Squat & 2 Round NFT
Thursday, 4/4: Pull Up Baseline, 4 Round NFT, and AMRAP Met Con – Toes to Bar, DB Hang Power Cleans, Alt DB Front Rack Lunges, and Ab Mat Sit Ups
Friday, 4/5: Closed Grip Bench Press & Met Con – Squats, Alt DB Snatch, and Push Ups


H Street will be CLOSED the weekend of 4/6 & 4/7 due to CF-L2 Seminar

International Pot Luck at U Street on Saturday, 4/6 at 6pm

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