Sunday, 4/7
April 6, 2019
Monday, 4/8
April 7, 2019

Monday, 4/8: Max Effort Met Con – Bike, Burpees, Ab Mat Sit Ups, Row, KB Swings, and Plank Hold
Tuesday, 4/9: Gymnastic Skill Drill & Met Con – Pull Ups, Single Arm DB Push Press, Push Ups, and Alt DB Snatch
Wednesday, 4/10: Deadlift & Met Con – Deadlifts and Max Double Unders
Thursday, 4/11: Bench Press, 4 Round NFT: Max Dips and Singel Arm DB Row, & 2 Round NFT: DB Zottman Curls and Band Pressdowns
Friday, 4/12: AMRAP Met Con – Power Cleans, Toes 2 Bar, and Box Jumps


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