Sunday, 11/10
November 9, 2019
Monday, 11/11
November 10, 2019

Monday, 11/11: Sweaty Met Con – Assault Bike, DB Hang Squat Cleans, Double Unders, KB Goblet Squats, and Ab Mat Sit Ups
Tuesday, 11/12: Bench Press, Met Con – Pull Ups, & 3 Round NFT – Half Kneeling Single Arm DB Press and Band Pull Apart
Wednesday, 11/13: Back Squat & Met Con – Max Work Assault Bike, Plank Hold, DB Step Up, and V Ups
Thursday, 11/4: Met Con – Row, Hang Squat Clean, Burpee Box Jump Overs, and Ab Mat Sit Ups
Friday, 11/15: Skill Work – Turkish Get Up, Tempo Chin-Up, Strict HSPU, Pallof Press, and L Sit Hold

Schedule Reminders:
Bring-a-Friend Day, 11/16 at both locations! All fitness levels welcome!

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