Sunday, 12/1
November 30, 2019
Monday, 12/2
December 1, 2019

Monday, 12/2: EMOM Met Con – DB Burpee Box Step Over, Pull Up, Alt Front Rack Lunge, and KB Swings
Tuesday, 12/3: Power Cleans & Core Finisher
Wednesday, 12/4: Met Con – Devil Press, DB Push Press, and Double Unders
Thursday, 12/5: Pause Front Squat & Met Con – DB Hang Squat Clean and Ab Mat Sit Up
Friday, 12/6: Met Con – Row, Turkish Get Up, Assault Bike, and Active Holds

Saturday, 12/7: Snatch & Met Con – Bar Facing Burpees and Overhead Squats

Sunday, 12/8: EMOM Skill, Deadlift, & 3 Round NFT – Goblet Hold Step Up, Plate Russian Twist, Calf Raise with Negative, and DB/KB Side Bends

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