Monday, 3/16
March 15, 2020
Wednesday, 3/18
March 17, 2020

Warm Up

3 Rounds
12 Jumping Jacks
8 Spider Lunges
4 Squat to Bootstrappers
12 Mountain Climbers
8 Pause Squats
4 Rolling Split Straddles

1 Minute Squat Hold
1 Minute Single Leg flexion/side
1 Minute Squat Hold

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats

8 Rounds of :20 Work/:10 “Rest”
Rest is held in bottom position of the squat
Score by reps in lowest round

Core Work

Plank Hold 5 Minutes in as few sets as possible
Do not let position deteriorate, take up to 15 minutes to complete

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