Monday, 5/4
May 3, 2020
Wednesday, 5/6
May 5, 2020

Warm Up

3 Rounds Of:

20 Mountain Climbers

5 Inchworms To Plank

10 Alt T Push Ups

5 Planks To Squat

Workout Of The Day

“The Yoyo”

Run 800m (Row 1000m, Bike 50 Cals, 100 Mountain Climbers or Lateral Hops) 

Immediately into

8 Rounds of

10 V Ups (or Straight Leg Sit Ups) 

8 Alt Devil’s Press w/DB, Plate, or Backpack (No Weight Option: Burpees) 

 Immediately into

Run 800m 

Part 2:

Tabata Side Planks

Perform 8 sets of :20 on/:10 off Left Side Plank 

Rest 1 Minute

Perform 8 sets of :20 on/:10 off Right Side Plank 


Please Recall One Of Your Yoyo Memories

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