Thursday, 5/7
May 6, 2020
Saturday, 5/9
May 8, 2020

Warm Up

3 Rounds Of:

6 Inchworms To Plank

8 Alt T Push Ups

10 Pause Squats

12 Alt Samson Lunges

Workout Of The Day

“Grizzly Grip The Money Trout”

5 Rounds Of:

15 Suitcase Deadlifts w/DB (sub Single Leg DL w/BB, Backpack, Plate, No Weight Option: Rev Lunge) 

12 Single Arm Hang Power Cleans (sub w/BB, Backpack, or Plate Swing, No Weight Option: Pushup + Shoulder Tap) 

9 Single Arm Front Squats (sub Goblet Squat or No Weight Option: Air Squat) 

* Perform All Reps On Left Side (15 DL, 12 HPC, 9 FS) Then Repeat the Reps On The Right Side* – So 1 Round is BOTH the Left and Right Side*

Part 2

2 sets of 

60 sec front plank

30 sec rest

60 sec side plank / per side (30 sec rest between sides) 

30 sec rest 

60 sec superman hold 

60 sec rest


What Was A Leap Of Faith That You Took?

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