Friday, 6/5
June 4, 2020
Sunday, 6/7
June 6, 2020

“Big Floyd”

Cash In

Do your own research*. Read anti-racist articles and educate yourself. Black Power Cleans recommends following instagram pages like: @Rachel.Cargle, @ckyourprivilege, @nowhitesaviors, and @decolonizing_fitness


800 meter run
25 Deadlifts + 25 Burpees
800 meter run
25 Squat Cleans + 25 burpees
800 meter run
25 Push Press + 25 burpees
800 meter run
25 Clusters + 25 burpees
800 meter run

Cash Out

Donate, sign petitions, and spread awareness. Donate your money to the local organizations currently on the front lines fighting for Black lives, like @blacklivesmatterdc. Vote in upcoming local and national elections – this is the chance to vote out officials who don’t support black lives and vote in the people that do. Voice your concerns and frustrations over the lack of acknowledgement of the value of Black lives in the CrossFit community (@crossfit)


*Cash In Community Norms – When doing your own work, check yourself, research, think twice and read twice before running to your nearest Black person for help. Remember that social justice workers and Black folks are human and not resources to use at your disposal.


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  1. Ross Marshall says:

    Thank you for designing this WOD. Members of my box and I are doing this tomorrow morning. I’ll be sure to tag you guys 😉