Saturday, 6/13
June 12, 2020
Monday, 6/15
June 14, 2020

Warm Up

400m run (500m row/.5 mile bike)
10 Pause Glute Bridges
10 Dead Bugs
25’ Bear Crawls
10 Air Squats

Met Con

24 Minute Cap AMRAP

Part A (Buy in)


  • Alt. DB Snatches
  • Burpees over DB (lateral hop)


Part B

3-6-9-12-(increasing 3 reps each round)

  • SA Push Press/ Side (round of 3= 3 reps per side)
  • DB Goblet Squats

Complete all of Part A and then continue working on Part B for the remaining time.

*Your score is the number of total reps in Part B (Do not count the 90 reps in Part A (Buy in)).

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