Programming Preview: Week of 7/20
July 19, 2020
Tuesday, 7/21
July 20, 2020

Warm Up

3 Rounds

20 Mountain Climbers

6 Alt T Push Ups

10 Pause Squats

6 Alt Spider Lunge w/Reach


1×10/7 Cals (easy pace)+25 Single Skips+6 DB Hang C&J

1×10/7 Cals (moderate pace)+25 Single Skips+6 Alt DB Snatch

1×10/7 Cals (hard pace)+15 Double Unders+6 DB Thrusters

Met Con

5 Rounds

3 Minutes On/3 Minutes Off 

15/12 Cal Row or Bike 

50 Double Unders

Max Reps in remaining time:

Round 1: DB Hang C&J (pair of DBs)

Round 2: Alt DB Snatch (single DB) 

Round 3: DB Thrusters (pair of DBs) 

Round 4: Alt DB Snatch

Round 5: DB Hang C&J

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