Monday, 11/30
November 29, 2020
Wednesday, 12/2
December 1, 2020

Warm Up

3 Rounds
6 Dolphin Push Ups
6 Alt Bird Dogs
6 Spider Lunge w/ reach up
6 Squat to Bootstrappers

Prep (8 Minutes)
2x:15-:30 Handstand Hold+ 3-5 Push Ups+ 5 Plank to Squat
2×2 HSPU Negatives (to Ab Mat)+3-5 DB Push Press/side (light)+10 Hollow Rocks
1×2-3 HSPU or scaled option


5 Minute Strict HSPU Test*

Met Con

3 Rounds for Time (15 Min Cap)
10 Single Arm DB Push Press/side (50/35)
20 DB Facing Burpees
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

HSPU Scaling options:
1-2 Ab Mats
Hand Release Push Ups**
Modified Push Ups (hands elevated on box or bars)
Kipping HSPU are not a scaling option for this baseline test

*Score is total reps, but ideally track how many reps in each minute

**For all Push Ups, body should remain in straight line (no snaking).  Knees and thigs should come off the floor as soon as torso moves

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