Wednesday, 3/24
March 23, 2021
Friday, 3/26
March 25, 2021

Warm Up

3 Rounds
6 Squat to Bootstrappers
6 Rev Hand Spider Lunges
6 Alt Samson Lunges
6 Jump Squats

Prep (12 Minutes)
1×3 High Hang Hi Pull+3 High Hang Power Cleans+ 6 Front Squats
1×3 Hang Hi Pull+3 Hang Power Cleans+6 Front Squats (empty bar through this set)
4x:20 Bike/Row+3 Hang Power Cleans (increasing intensity on machine, working up in weight)

Met Con

EMOM 16 (8 Rounds each)
A) Bike/Row 10/7 Cals*
B) 3 Hang Power Cleans (~70% 1RM HPC)**


2 Rounds
1 Min Band Trap stretch/side
1 Min Single Leg Flexion/side

*Cals should initially take under :30 and at no point more than :40, scale accordingly
**Cleans should be unbroken

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