Wednesday, 9/15
September 14, 2021
Friday, 9/17
September 16, 2021

Warm Up

3 Rounds

5 Squat to Bootstrappers

10 Spider Lunges

5 Plank to Squat

10 Squats (pause/reg/jump)

Prep (9 Minutes)

2x:30 Row+ 10 Step Ups

2x:30 Row+ 5 Burpees+5 DB Deadlifts (light, working)

1x:30 Row+ 10 Box Jump Overs

1x:30 Row+ 5 DB Burpees

(increase pace each round of rowing)

Met Con

Every 3 Min for 18 Min (6 rounds total)

Row 250/200 M

Max reps in remaining time of:

Rounds 1,3,5: Box Jump Overs

Rounds 2,4,6: DB Burpees (50/35s)

Score by total reps (BJO and DB Burpees combined)

Tabata Core (8 minutes)

4 Rounds Flutter Kicks

4 Rounds Side Planks (alternate sides 2x each)

4 Rounds V-Ups

4 Rounds Side Planks (alternate sides 2x each)

Scale BJO to step ups (full extension)

Scale DB Burpees to 5 Burpees+5 DB RDL

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